Jeane Matson


QuantiScientifics, LLC

Marketing Manager

QuantiScientifics is a biomedical company that produces custom Multiplex ImmunoAssay kits to sell with our A2 Reader System. We have been in business for 5 years now. My role in Direct Sales and Marketing is to locate potential clients (ie researchers like your husband) who would be knowledgeable of the technology and could make use of it in their research. I do this through emails to our ever expanding list of prospects, arranging our participation in key trade shows in the US and Europe and keeping in contact with previous customers for additional business or referrals. Once a client is located, I arrange for them to speak to Dr. Matson either in person or on SKYPE to discuss A2 applications that would benefit their current or future projects. I also communicate with possible distributors in other countries to see if there is a fit for QuantiScientifics there.