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Intellectual Property- What, When, Where, Why, and How

YOU NEED TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT HERE, dinner will be provided! Checkout our website www.tcvn.org & LIKE us on Facebook! Join us for our TCVN July Workshop: Inside Intellectual Property Intellectual property is becoming increasingly important when it comes to business valuation as well as success – especially for tech companies. A well-developed patent […] Read more

TCVN Workshop: CEOing 2.0 – Is Busyness Stifling your Business?

Register HERE! How do you spend your day? Are you busy? Are you productive? Are you busy building your business or are you busy ‘working’? Attend this workshop to learn innovative techniques to take control of your time and of your business.    If you are like most business people, it has been a while since […] Read more